Serbian Festival - Prizes

The Serbian festival is a wonderful opportunity to thank on behalf of the Library some of the most active readers and some of those who contributed most to the progress of the library through donations in books or money.

Last year on September 2nd the Stevan Jorgovic Library was reopened, so today we are celebrating a year of work with the public. Today the library’s collection has more than 2.300 books. One third of this number consists of new acquisitions. Our biggest donors are the National Library of Serbia from Belgrade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, as well as individuals, members of our community. Over the past year, 550 books have been borrowed from our library!

Recently, we received a grant for the development of the library from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, and we promise many more new books in the near future.

The library cannot exist without users and without donations. We thank all users who borrow and return books on time. Prizes are awarded not only for the number of books read, but also for the relationship with the books and the library. The most valuable readers this year were some of the youngest members of the library, and we accordingly named the award "Reading is growing". The awarded winners are:

1. Ana Devic

2. Tomislav Mihajlovic

We owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone who donated either books or money to the library. Today we are giving a gratitude note to those who have donated the largest number of new books or books in good condition and in that way contributed to the development of the library's fund.

1. The National Library of Serbia 

2. The Djurica Family

3. Tina Milivojevic