NIN Award 2018

The NIN Award is a prestigious Serbian (and previously Yugoslavian) literary award established in 1954 by the NIN weekly. The award is given annually for the best newly published novel in Serbian literature, presented every year in January by a panel of writers and critics. The award is often called "leading Serbian literary prize". In addition to being a highly acclaimed award capable of transforming writers' literary careers, the award is also sought after because it virtually assures bestseller status for the winning novel.

This year’s winner of the NIN Award is Vladimir Tabasevic for his book “Zablude Svetog Sebastijana”. Tabasevic was born in 1986 in Mostar under the full name Bošnjak Tabašević Vladimir. He studied philosophy in Belgrade.

He published poetry books “Koagulum” (2010), “Tragus” (2011), “Kundak” (2012) and “Hrvatski Kundak” (2014).

His work also found way to contemporary poetry collections including “Prostori i figure” (2013), “Restart” (2014) and “Troje” (2016).

His first novel “Tiho tece Misisipi” (publisher Studio Znak, 2015) was published independently and was shortlisted for the NIN Award.

He is also the recipient of a regional award for his story “Rat”, given to him at the Biber Festival and the Mirko Kovac Award for the best book by a young author “Tiho tece Misisipi”. Vladimir Tabasevic lives in Belgrade.

Other writers that were shortlisted for the award were Branka Krilovic for her novel “Prekasno”, ” Jelena Lengold for “Odustajanje”, Lana Bastasic for “Uhvati Zeca”, Sasa Savanovic for “Deseti Zivot” and Goran Markovic for “Beogradski Trio”.